Friday, November 25, 2011

goats, goats and more goats...holy goats batman!!

How did it all start...well...after seeing pygmy goats at the fair my 10-yr old batted her eyelashes at her grandfather and the next thing you know she had talked Grandpa into buying her a pygmy goat (big brother got one too).

Well, 1 little guy died and Lil' Dude was lonely so...Grandpa bought 2 more goats, Chocolate & Chewy. They are boer goats and didn't treat Lil' Dude very nice so Grandpa got the Dudette's, pygmys, Daisy & Zindaya. Then, for who knows what reason, he bought Shaggy & Velma, boers. These 2 girls game to us preggo and before you knew it Shaggy blessed us with Ty & Butterfly and Velma blessed us with Kimmy & Smores.


So we have 9 girls and 2 boys...and it appears that Chocolate, Chewy and the Dudettes may be blessing us with more kids. YIKES!!!

Oh the calls I've made to Grandpa:  "Your goats are out." Your goats are eating my tomato plants." "Your goats are out." "Your goat just tried to follow me into the house and put a dent in the door." "Your goats are on the road."

I think the funniest was "Your goats are in the tree!"

I can't wait to see how creative they are at getting out this winter...watching them play just cracks me up.

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