Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things I can't (don't want to) live without

Central Air - window units suck
Basement - the cave is not an option I will take my changes and drive to a neighbor's
Cable/Satellite TV - need more than public TV to watch
High Speed internet
Leather furniture - much easier to clean

Hiring movers instead of family

Who know having a bed to sleep in would be such a HUGE accomplishment?

Who knew that having a bed to sleep in would be such a HUGE accomplishment?!?

After spending the last month sleeping on the couch at my brother's and then on the couch here at the house I FINALLY got my bed set up. I can't find my curtains or my bed skirt, the bottom sheet was shredded on one end and I have no clue where the rest of the bedding/pillows are but I don't care...I have a comfy bed to sleep in!

The weather was great last weekend and I had all the windows open which was a huge plus and cut the drying time of the carpet in Hunter Boy's room in half. His bed is up and one of his dressers is in...just wish the clothes were put away.

Ladybug's room is next on the hit list. The carpet is and gold shag from the 70s...and I would like to pull it this weekend and replace it with something neutral and easily cleaned. Once I decide what to do with it I am hoping to have it accomplished within the week so I can get her bed and dressers in.

I am tired of looking at the sea of yellow bags full of clothes in the living room and can't wait for the dressers to be in and the clothes bar hung in Hunter Boy's room so they will disappear.

What a huge task...I am so not liking the thought of moving ever again...but I am already making my "must have" list.

Puttin on my "big girl panties" and movin on

Well, life has a way of handing me lemons these days and it would be so easy to wallow but I choose to float in lemonade instead.

Farm Boy has gone silent...don't know what the fuck is up with him and I am NOT going to turn into a stalker to find out...though the thought is tempting. He was a bit pissy that I was going on vacation with the girls but my plans were made MONTHS before we got back together and if he can't handle my "me time" then fuck him!

I had a great time with the girls and the mindless nothingness of vacation was fantabulous! Getting tossed into a concrete bridge support and pinned my both my tube and the beer tube was not so fun. Many Many Many thanks to the 3 boys who untangled the tubes and returned them to me so I could get back in my tube and float to back to the group. They were asking about me...but was it me or the beer they were worried about...hmmmm not sure I want to know the answer to that one. hahahahaha