Friday, January 6, 2012

Angel and Snowball

The kids spent Christmas with their dad and stepmom this year. Fun times for me...not so much...I'm STILL trying to get them back to normal. While they were gone one of the pygmy goats blessed us with a little baby girl on Christmas Day. Our little Chrismat Angel was smaller than the cats. LOL She still is...but SOOOO stinkin CUTE!!

January 3 the other pygmy blessed us with a baby boy, Snowball. Sadly Snowball was born in the late afternoon on the coldest, windiest day of the year. Sadly Grandpa did not move momma and baby to a snug corner or tell me that he was weak and not doing so good and he got too cold and died. It was a very sad day. In retrospect I should have gone and checked on them. I could have brought them to the house and put them in my giant dog crate...or something. Had she had him a day earlier or a day later the little guy would have been born on a day that was 50 - 60 degrees. I do feel is hard not to when my baby girl is crying her eyes out over the loss of the little guy.

We had a funeral...compete with prayers.