Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Loaded for bear and ready to shoot someone!

To say that I am pissed would be an understatement. I am trying very hard to keep my children, my house guest, and my co-workers alive...when I say I am not in the mood just leave me alone. Don't try to cheer me up, distract me, find out what is wrong...Just Leave Me Alone. Seriously JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!

What irritated me to the point that I am ready to kill someone?

First, there's someone at work who does not want to follow the rules, he wants to whine, argue, throw a fit, complain and then pout when he doesn't get his way...he's a great roll model for his 2-year old daughter. Because he didn't follow the rules for the email conversion he has now "misplaced" a ginormous archive file. Now the boasted that he had it saved 16 different places yet, after getting a new computer want me to "find" it for him. I am having a hard time not telling him to KMA! I am sick of all the snide remarks and shitty comments...if he would have done what was asked the file would still be on the network, not "lost" and he wouldn't have anything to complain about.

Second, there's Hunter Boy who is telling me that he has all his homework done and turned in when his teacher is telling me he hasn't turned in an assignment for 2 weeks...not since POS announced that he and the GF are getting hitched. Hmmm think it is related?? Oh...and , since I am pissed to the point of super bitch mode, he NEEDS to cuddle tonight. I am ready to kill him and he wants to flippin cuddle...seriously WTH is it with the male species...piss her off then cuddle and it will be okay.

Third there's The Dad, love him to death but don't like him much at the moment. Thinks The Mom is using her health issues as an "excuse" to be lazy and do nothing. She is in PAIN and can't hardly move and he thinks she's faking it to get out of working. WTF?!?!?! I am ready to kick his ass...Lil' Bro and I are fighting to see who is gonna get to it first.

Fourth is that lovely, kind, caring and oh so nice POS that I was married to. He yells at me if the kids don't answer their phones, as if I have control over the fact that they don't want to talk to him. They like the GF...soon to be wife. I don't get how he does not have the funds to pay 1/2 the medical expenses, activity fees, school fees, etc. but he has the funds to buy a 2 carat engagement ring for his GF. While I am happy for them and do appreciate them changing the date so they aren't getting married on my birthday, I do not want or need to be involved in the ceremony.

Fifth on my list is Town Girl...WTF are you doing?!?! You JUST told SJ Dude that you would date him exclusively, why are you back on the dating sites and planning a date with someone else tomorrow? When he busts your ass again don't come crying to me...you will get no more sympathy from me.

Sixth... I was supposed to work from 8 - 6:30 today and then go to class. Instead I worked from 8 - 8 and missed class. Not happy about this.

Okay...time to close the rant. I could go on, but Farm Boy is supposed to be calling in 10 minutes and I told Hunter Boy I would tuck him in.

Night...pray that I am not feeling this bitchy in the morning.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Watch out Farm Boy...I just may be moving home

Was told about a job in a neighboring town (back home) and looked it up in the local paper. I responded asking for the information. Didn't hear back so thought it was already filled...I was surprised to find the job description and application in my email Friday night. The job description is right up my alley and it "appears" like it would be the perfect job.

So...I've emailed my application and am waiting not so patiently to hear something back.

Asked Farm Boy what he would do if he came home and found a frog (nickname of the car) in his driveway. Said it would take some getting used to but would be a good thing.

Draw backs...my GFs are in the City...*sigh*